01 Feb 2020 - 31 Dec 2020


- Win 6x = IDR 777,000

- Win 7x = IDR 1,777,000

- Win 8x = IDR 2,500,000

- Win 9x = IDR 3,000,000

- Win 10x = IDR 3,777,777

Terms and Condition :

1. This promotion can only be claimed ONCE a day with minimum of each betslip is IDR 50K.

2. Members are not allowed to take any BONUS Deposit to claim this promotion.

3. Not valid for live matches and 1X2.

4. Sportsbook bets must be placed on ODDS:

Min ID -1,25; HK Minimum 0.80; MY Minimum 0.80; Dec Minimum 1.80

5. All SINGLE bets may only use 1 ODDS and in 1 PROVIDER to participate in this promotion.

For example:

Match 1, plays at the SBO Provider, with HK Odds, then bet on the SBO Provider with Odds ID for the second match, it will immediately prohibited to claim this bonus.

6. Wins that are counted as consecutive wins are WINFULL only.

7. You cant bet in the same match to claim this promotion. Example : Member bet handicap in A VS B , then Bet over 2 in the same match.

8. This promotion is not valid if there’s half wins / half losses / draws / canceled / postpone matches.

9. If you have won 6 times, then continue to play on the 7th match and lose / draw / void match , you cannot claim 6x victory.

10. There must be no bets that are still running to claim this promotion.

11. The winning bet that is calculated is only for BET and MATCH placed in 1 day which is calculated from 12.00 GMT + 8 - 11.59 GMT + 8 the next day.

12. The winning order will be calculated according to the time of placing the bet NOT the time of the match.

13. You will not get weekly REBATE / CASHBACK.

14. SBO7 has the right to cancel BONUS if we find it as a fraud / safetybet / provisions that are not in accordance with SBO7.

15. You can claim this between 24 hours after the result of all your bet is finished.

16. General terms and conditions apply.